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Random Journal Entry 5: 2017-02-23

First thing I did when I woke up: Always the first thing is check my phone.

Highlight of the day: Nothing special.

I am feeling: MAD but I have no right to be so I’m feeling SAD. That is because of a certain someone.

Random Thoughts: Right now, nothing is just going through my head. I’m just feeling mad. See, this is why I don’t expect too much because the disappointment I get is twice as high. I don’t even have the right to be mad to that person right now because I just don’t have the right to be. I don’t understand myself anymore. I am sad because I am not used to feeling this way. I feel so helpless. I want to stop. As early as possible, I want to get rid of these         .

Will you ever push through being with someone when you know from the very beginning that it is not going to end well?

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Random Journal Entry 4: 2017-02-08

First thing I did when I woke up: Checked the time on my phone.

Highlight of the day: My dream. It felt so real.

I am feeling: Confused because of my sudden change of feelings.

Random Thoughts: I guess it is normal for people to be infatuated. Can you force your heart to stop beating for someone? You knew the end results, why do you keep going after it? It does not make sense. But if it is only easy to stop your heart from falling for someone, then nobody would get hurt, no one would shed a tear. I have a promise I kept to myself and I am really good at marking my words. But this time, how would I do that? How can I fulfill my promise to myself if my heart cannot stop beating for someone? It is only an infatuation but I don’t want to make the same mistakes over and over and over again. I know for sure what the end results would be. As early as possible, I want to get myself to stop. It is only me who can save myself from Cupid’s arrow.

Today was an ok day. I feel ok but at the same time scared. I wanted to tell my bestfriend a secret but I couldn’t. I guess, this time I shall keep it to myself.

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Random Journal Entry 3: 2017-01-06

Hey guys! Been a while since I wrote a random journal!

First thing I did when I woke up: Checking my phone the moment I open my eyes.

Highlight of the day: Catching up with friends. Wasn’t really a great day but moments with friends are always wonderful and memorable.

I am feeling: Slightly upset and disappointed. Reason why will be a secret *hush*

Random Thoughts: Why do some people keep chasing after the wrong person? Love is blind, they say. I actually did chase after someone before but I later realize who the hell I’m chasing after. I just knew he’s not the one. It’s really hard to tell if that someone is “the one” because there are billions of people on Earth and the chances of finding the right person is just quite impossible if you think about it, but somehow destiny finds its way to make the impossible possible. Oh well.

Today is a s0-s0 day. Good that I got to spent time with my friends, and not so good because some of my friends are experiencing problems, personal problems. Hope everything goes well soon since my birthday is coming up in the next two weeks.

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Random Journal Entry 2: 2016-06-02

Hi there!

First thing I did when I woke up: Wash my face 🙂

Highlight of the day: Secret 😉

I am feeling: Hmmmm….what should I feel?? I feel energized. T’was a great day!

Random Thoughts: I don’t know if I should pursue being in a relationship. My friends, and my parents, tell me that having a boyfriend is a pain in the ass. You have to stay committed and so many things in your life will change.Though I’m not in a hurry but I feel that these things     like dating    are things that I should experience by now, isn’t it? I’ve never dated and that is, for me, worrisome.


Today is a GREAT day for me! I was a bit grumpy when I woke up (because of my monthly visitor *rolls eyes*)  at five in the morning but the sight of HIM immediately changed my mood.

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Random Journal Entry 1: 2016-04-19


First thing I did when I woke up: WASHROOM (I’m not gonna go into details ^_- )

Highlight of the day:  I picked up my sister from school FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, with my dad of course. Though its been a while since I got my driver’s license, I couldn’t really drive too far away from home since my parents won’t let me drive further without them *sigh*.

I am feeling: HAPPY!!! And INSPIRED!!!!

Random thoughts: Right now, I’m just happy that I’m able to write entries in my blog again. It’s been a  while     three months     I really missed it.

Today isn’t that great of a day but it feels good to be living at the moment. Forget about the things that stresses you out. Live HAPPILY and think POSITIVE!!!!