who am i?


Hey guys! My name is Chloie, my friends call me Chlo, family members call me Mai/Mae. Anyway, I made this blog to share my experiences, my feelings, or just my random thoughts. I love reading and writing (especially poetry). I appreciate poems so much. I will admit that I am not a great writer so if my writing bothers you, feel free to leave comments.

I am not an expressive or showy person, so I put all my thoughts and feelings in my writings. I am an emotional person but people do not usually see it because I am really good at pretending to be alright. Most times, I bottle everything in then if it gets full, I’ll just cry it all out.

There’s really nothing much to share about myself. I am pretty simple, maybe sassy at times, sensitive (when I get my monthly visitor), and I am an introvert. I barely start a conversation whenever I meet new people. I am not a loud person but when I am with my friends, I become one. You can tell if I am already comfortable with people when I become loud and I am able to joke around with them. I have always had a hard time coming out of my comfort zone. It takes a while for me to finally get comfortable with new people.

Also, I get happy over simple things. You don’t have to buy me grand gifts on my birthday or Christmas (though I would be happy too if you get me one), just the presence of the important people in my life is enough to make my day extra special. I also watch out for the little things people do. Those small acts and simple thoughts make my heart flutter all the time. I also like travelling, though I haven’t been to so many places outside Canada. But when I do, I’ll try and share my experiences in this blog.

So please do enjoy reading my blog! Please feel free to leave a message or a comment. You are more than welcome to write any comments. Constructive criticisms are allowed but negative personal comments will not be tolerated. Enjoy lovelies!


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