Two Lost Souls


She holds on to something glowing.

With a little light from this small treasure,

She struggles to find her way out in the darkness.

Following the thin red thread tied on her wrist,

she walks, hoping that it will lead her to a sanctuary.

She hears different voices, telling her different things.

To her, those are murmurs and incomprehensible speech.

He walks in the middle of the dark,

collecting the bright shattered pieces of his heart.

Along the walls, and on the floor he picks, even the tiniest bit.

He follows the red string tied on his wrist,

as it takes him to the unknown,

With hopes that it will lead him to the last missing piece.

But for so long and for an unknown reason,

his incomplete heart started beating again.

As the thread gets shorter,

hearts beat even faster.

Two lost souls find each other.

As she puts the last piece of his heart,

everything turned white and bright.

It never could have felt so right.


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