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The Question of Can We Happen?

If you like someone but you cannot fully express it, do you think you and him can still happen? 

When you know from the very beginning that it is not going to end well, will you still pursue that you and him you are dreaming about?

When you like someone will you be straightforward and let them know? Will you risk something just to have the “we” you are dreaming about? 

What if you are friends with him? Are you able to risk your friendship over something that you are unsure of the results? 

If at first you know that you two are impossible to happen, will you still go after it? Is he worth it? 

You knew the end results.

Would you still go after it? 

If it was me and just my brain, I would not. But my heart gets in the way every single time. My brain tells me to stop but my heart is not listening. It never listens. If I knew the end results, I would rather get rid of my feelings. Delete it. Deny it. As early as possible, I want to avoid developing deeper feelings.

My parents raised me to be a conservative lady. To never show a guy that you like him. And until now, I still live with that upbringing. Well not really. I lied. I once liked a guy but I never really told him I liked him. He felt it because I was too obvious. I knew when he found out that I like him, he wouldn’t push “us.” I got frustrated and my heart got broken. I am not even sure if I have completely moved on from him. I guess I have. When I see him, I get no more butterflies in my stomach. It’s still awkward around him but at least, I guess the feelings are no longer there.

Now my answer to the question of “Can We Happen?”

I think it is a matter of allowing yourself to be just yourself. Life is too short to live with regrets. Personally, things are better if they are unplanned. Let life teach you lessons by making mistakes. After all, we’re only humans.

I like it when I learn from my wrong decisions and actions. Because next time, I know what to do.

So, if you feel like confessing, do it with no hesitations. Just do it.

Accept rejections even though it hurts.

In every pain we receive, we build ourselves to become even stronger.

Let others judge you. As long as you live doing what makes you happy.

Me, I don’t want to live with regrets. Therefore, I must enjoy whatever I have at the moment because like what Dory said “best things in life happen by chance.”

Nothing is permanent in this world, but the memories last forever.

Let your story be the best. Live with no regrets.

So, my answer would be YES.


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