Random Journals

Random Journal Entry 4: 2017-02-08

First thing I did when I woke up: Checked the time on my phone.

Highlight of the day: My dream. It felt so real.

I am feeling: Confused because of my sudden change of feelings.

Random Thoughts: I guess it is normal for people to be infatuated. Can you force your heart to stop beating for someone? You knew the end results, why do you keep going after it? It does not make sense. But if it is only easy to stop your heart from falling for someone, then nobody would get hurt, no one would shed a tear. I have a promise I kept to myself and I am really good at marking my words. But this time, how would I do that? How can I fulfill my promise to myself if my heart cannot stop beating for someone? It is only an infatuation but I don’t want to make the same mistakes over and over and over again. I know for sure what the end results would be. As early as possible, I want to get myself to stop. It is only me who can save myself from Cupid’s arrow.

Today was an ok day. I feel ok but at the same time scared. I wanted to tell my bestfriend a secret but I couldn’t. I guess, this time I shall keep it to myself.


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