I heard your voice in the dark,

Telling me to look behind and watch myself.

I heard you curse while I walked towards the shadow behind me.

I was an inch closer to the shadow when a rough hand pulled me away.

With just one touch, I knew it was you.

You were out of breath because you ran with all your might only to save me

Was I that special?

The madness in your eyes were comforting.

Your sweet mad voice is music to my ears.

But murmurs and familiar voices made its presence in the blackness.

I looked around to see their faces but darkness is all there is.

Chasing these voices means letting you go.

I couldn’t.

I wanted to stay in your embrace.

I wanted to keep holding your hand.

I wanted to keep hearing your voice.

I wanted to keep seeing your face.

Even just in my dreams.


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