Random Journals

Random Journal Entry 1: 2016-04-19


First thing I did when I woke up: WASHROOM (I’m not gonna go into details ^_- )

Highlight of the day:  I picked up my sister from school FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, with my dad of course. Though its been a while since I got my driver’s license, I couldn’t really drive too far away from home since my parents won’t let me drive further without them *sigh*.

I am feeling: HAPPY!!! And INSPIRED!!!!

Random thoughts: Right now, I’m just happy that I’m able to write entries in my blog again. It’s been a  while     three months     I really missed it.

Today isn’t that great of a day but it feels good to be living at the moment. Forget about the things that stresses you out. Live HAPPILY and think POSITIVE!!!!




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