I actually don’t know how to start this! Okay so, since I came to Canada, I became EVEN MORE addicted to Korean dramas & variety shows, and K-pop. The reason being, is we got an even faster internet connection, and WiFi is everywhere, therefore I always have my phone in hand surfing the net. I’m always on the net almost every minute, every second of my life. If people ask me why I love Korean shows,  I say couple different reasons depending if its a drama, a show/variety/talk show, or a K-pop group. And here are some of them:

  1. ON K-DRAMAS: Most Korean dramas are short, its easy to do a marathon and finish it fast. However, freaking drama withdrawals almost…… always gets me insane to the point of sending myself to a mental institute!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry that’s too exaggerating, isn’t it?) I always end up going back, rewatching the cute moments and there, same cycle. I still get the same emotions on that specific scene. There are times I wish I was the female lead, not only because the male lead is hot    fiery hot    but sometimes, they’re too dumb or let’s say naive. Maybe I should blame the director for it, or the writer, but give us a female lead who is not always clueless or too weak or too fragile. But on another note, I still like K-dramas. I will always have to find another drama because it is one of my stress-relievers. Anyone with me?
  2. ON K-VARIETY SHOWS: Korean variety shows are so funny! When they make people laugh, its effortless. Needless to say, they only need themselves to make us viewers laugh. They would rather make fun of their appearance or their colleague’s to give laughter. Or they would do some kind of slapstick comedy or body gag which, of course, gives off good vibes to the viewers. Other times, the actions they do are enough to provide laughter. It’s probably where other countries’ variety shows lack.  If you are an ultimate Running Man and 1N2D (1 Night, 2 Days) fan, you will most likely understand my point *wink wink*.
    (From Running Man episode 278) Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Kwang Soo dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

    (From Running Man episode 270) Ji Seok Jin falls from his chair after his comment.
  3. ON K-POP: Well, for this, if you’re a die-hard K-pop fan, especially of boy groups then I have nothing to say. Just kidding! One reason I’m so into K-pop is because of their looks, especially for boy groups. I just wanna fangirl LOL!! Everytime I see my bias, *speechless* hahahaha!! You know what it feels like ^_^ For girl groups, most of the time I just wanna follow their style in fashion. Second reason is their songs. Sometimes, I only like a certain K-pop group because of their songs and other times because of one person I most likely have seen on Running Man. Though I couldn’t understand and sing the lyrics properly, I try following the rhythm and the tune. Well, I’m the type of person who goes for upbeat or mellow music. I’ve been into Super Junior, VIXX, Got7, BTOB, B2ST, APink, Sistar, and many more. But recently, I’m so obsessed to iKon’s B.I <3<3 He’s so cuuuuuttteeee!!!

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