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The AlDub Phenomenon

Alden Richards serenading Maine Mendoza with the song “God Gave Me You”

If you’re not yet familiar with the phenomenal loveteam of the Philippines, AlDub, then you better be. This love team is an exceptional one. No LTs has ever done this to me.  Made me a twitter addict and to be honest, the only LT who made me pray for their FOREVER. Their natural chemistry is truly undeniable. The best OTP so far!

Anyway, here are my thoughts about this….

Being a Filipino, I am greatly familiar with Filipino cultures, values, traditions, and their television shows. One day I was scrolling on my facebook feed and saw several people sharing the same video of AlDub. I saw Alden    my ultimate crush     on the video, as well as this girl whose dubsmash videos went viral on social media, Maine Mendoza. At first, I disliked the idea of Alden being paired up with another girl because believe it or not, I was a DenLou (Alden Richards & Louise de los Reyes) fan. I’ve seen them together in several shows and dramas, such as Mundo Mo’y Akin, Spooky Nights, & My Beloved and I am sincerely hoping that they somehow become real. However, I went on watching their kilig moments (because of Alden)……and boom! I got hooked. I couldn’t stop laughing and somehow I found myself liking their tandem. I also found myself liking Maine Mendoza/Yaya Dub. They look great together.  And from then on, I always look forward to what’s going to happen next in Kalyeserye (term provided by Joey de Leon    one of the hosts of Eat Bulaga     as a title to the story of AlDub). Each episode, a lesson learned. Laughter, crying, love, and horror, all types of emotions in one. The smiles they stamp on each people’s face is extremely priceless.Truly making AlDub and Kalyeserye the hottest and most intriguing topic in television and social networking sites such as facebook and twitter.

And to those who are giving negative comments about AlDub and Kalyeserye     though its mostly about AlDub    hold up! Maybe you feel threatened by what they can and will do. If you can’t see the chemistry and magic they possess, there is definitely something wrong with you. But then again, we can’t please everyone!

Alden Richards hugs Maine Mendoza.

If you still think they are not that popular, then tell me why they sold out all 55,000 tickets for their “Tamang Panahon” episode? Give me a reason why everytime they endorse a product, the sales increase rapidly, about a triple or quadruple times? Why are they always mobbed whenever they’re in a concert, or simply just in a mall show? If you can’t come up with a reason, too bad. You have no right to comment negative things about them, such as them not being that popular, or them just using each other for show. They actually caught the hearts of Filipinos of all ages. Definitely an undeniable popularity, thus making them a phenomenon of this generation.

I haven’t met these two personally. However, based on the people who have met them off cam, they all say the same things about them; they are both humble and very down to earth. With that, I can say that they truly deserve the blessings that God is showering upon them.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza singing “God Gave Me You”

As for me   and the whole Aldubnation    the only thing we can do is pray. Let’s not pressure them to be together right away. Let everything flow naturally. Let them get to know each other even more. With all our prayers, and with millions of people supporting these two, I believe that one day we will see what we’ve been waiting for   and that is them becoming reel to real    and hopefully it lasts forever. All we have to do is pray and let those two do the work. All in God’s perfect time.


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