ONE DAY . . .

One day I found you,

Walking up the staircase, scrolling through your phone.

One day I stared at you,

Scrutinizing your physical appearance, and the way you dress.

One day I watched you,

Passing by me, walking towards the drinking fountain.

One day I caught you,

Looking back at me, your eyes meeting mine making my body stiff.

One day I saw you,

Carrying that smile on your face, in that moment, I saw no one but you.

One day I followed you,

Only to see you with your friend, laughing, giggling, my heart fluttered.

One day I smiled at you,

Thinking you will somehow see me the way I see you.


One day I dreamed of us,

In fifty   and counting    years, still in love with each other,

Reminiscing moments of how everything started.

One day I will find myself,

On a white dress, walking down that red carpet, on my way towards you.

One day,

Our love will shine as bright as the stars in the night sky.

One day,




We will prove that forever do exist in this world.

But one day I opened my eyes,

See you walking up the stairs.

And that’s when I thought,

In one day, one day.


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